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Access to the latest research, resources, coping strategies along with creative action prompts to inspire brain-based approaches to teaching and learning.


Parents are primary educators. Our child’s education starts here, at home. Access to up-to-date information including thought provoking material to deepen our experience as parents and educators.

Professional Development

Offering educators opportunity to build creative confidence and engage in innovative, embodied learning. When educators partake in their own transformational experiences personal poise and self-efficacy is enhanced.

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Exploring Adjacent Possibilities Within A Traditional Classroom: 3 Simple Methods

Exploring Adjacent Possibilities Within A Traditional Classroom: 3 Simple Methods

The Adjacent Possible is a metaphor to explain what exists at the threshold of our knowing. It is always present...

The Joyful Classroom: 5 Entry Points

What is learning if not with joy? As a parent and an educator I strive to invite joy into my...

Making Friends With Contraints

Invitation For Opportunistic Learning My 10 year old son Grayson, diagnosed with autism, absolutely loves skateboarding. In spending hours at...

What Is Education Without Personal Meaning Attached?

Gunnar is an 8 old boy in grade three recently diagnosed with autism. He decided last week that he would...

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