Autistic kids will eventually grow into adults.

autism-flickerEarly intervention is best when it comes to autism but that is not always possible. This is an exceptional condition with a wide range of behavioral, cognitive and genetic components. Gifts within autistic children, adolescents and adults can be fostered and cultivated as we offer a dynamic landscape of support and acceptance. Deficiencies can be identified and strengthened through caring intervention. This newsletter invites us to look forward into the future of our diagnosed children and consider how we might cultivate sustainable employ-ability and foster meaningful lives for all involved: families, friends and communities.

Is there a cure for autism?

It is not yet known whether autism is curable but it has been scientifically proven that we can make a positive difference in their lives by offering specific types of support and guidance. Our actions and educational understanding of this syndrome does assist in serving autistic children so that they may benefit, grow, and flourish within our communities over a lifetime.

It starts with our willingness to look beyond the label.

Here we invite subscribers to look beyond the label of autism in a child, adolescent or adult. Those individuals diagnosed with autism may appear disconnected or aloof but their greatest desire is to be accepted and loved just like you and me.

Autistic individuals often inquire deeply into their personal interests.

Autistic individuals possess incredible abilities. In discovering and identifying these talents overtime, we can then assist in fostering them. Taking our children into a life full of meaning and purpose. Isn’t that what every parent wants, is for their child to grow into happy, productive individuals.

Some of this year’s topics

  • Cultivating Creativity
  • The Neuroscience Behind Autism
  • The Emotion Quotient: Being a Parent with an Autistic Child
  • What is Intelligence Anyway?
  • Educator Mindset / Parental Mindset
  • Somatic + Self Regulation Techniques
  • The Benefit of Focused Interest Areas
  • Cognitive Intelligence Development
  • Development of Social Competency
  • Allergies and Autism: A Physical Perspective
  • Music and Autism
  • Recognizing and Fostering Unique Connection
  • Smashing the Crystal Ball: A look at Possibility and Potential
  • Looking Through the Lens of Autism
  • Critical Thinking Skills and Autism
  • Novelty and Usefulness: Applied Creativity in Autistic individuals
  • Empathy and Autism
  • Promoting Harmony and Acceptance between Autistic kids and their peers
  • Affect of Pets on those with Autism